Family Law - Alimony Spousal Support Child SupportFamily Law is an area of the law that deals with family matters and can also be known as matrimonial law.  Family law typically deals with adoption, custody, divorce, support (including child support, spousal support and alimony).


When seeking divorce there are many steps in the process that an experienced legal team is needed to provide proper guidance and support.  Some areas include, dissolution of marriage, child custody, child support, property division, and more.  The Nell Law Office can help every step of the way in your divorce.

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Support – Alimony/Spousal Support and Child Support

As part of the divorce process the court may award alimony or spousal support.  The purpose of alimony or spousal support is to ensure there are no unfair economic effects on one party once the divorce is final.  This is usually the case if one party makes significantly more money than the other.  For instance, if one party stayed home for child care while the other worked full time there would likely be alimony awarded to the party who stayed home.

Child support is an ongoing payment made to support children of a divorce.  It typically is made from the parent with minority custody to the parent with majority custody.

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Adoption Law

There are many legal obstacles that need to be completed to ensure an adoption is permanent and legal.  The attorneys at Nell Law Office work with families to ensure the adoption process is finalized correctly.  For more information on adoption law or adoption lawyers Contact Us.